HR's quest to predict success and get meaningful talent data fuels growth in online assessment

PR Newswire - 6th April 2016 , USA

HR and recruitment teams around the world are increasingly using online assessments to predict which candidates will be successful in the role and to enhance their talent strategy with assessment anal. The Global Assessment Barometer 2016 report provides a snapshot of the key issues and trends in psychometric assessment.

The study shows that the global market for online assessment has grown 18 percent in the last three years. 52% of organizations now use online assessments, predominantly to recruit and develop key employees.

"Assessment used to be about reducing the risk of making a bad hire but there's been a marked change," said Dr Achim Preuss, Managing Director of cut-e. "Shorter, more customized, brand-relevant tests are now being used earlier in the selection process to identify the right people. Increasingly, employers want to predict which candidates in their applicant pool will 'fit' their organization and be strong performers who will add value to the business."

According to the study, the fastest growing assessment tools are development centers, assessment centers, integrity and values questionnaires and Situational Judgment Questionnaires. The key topic areas for assessment are ethical working, leadership, creativity, cultural fit and long-term potential. Two new trends have emerged this year: pre-application assessment and testing via mobile devices.

"Pre-application assessment is about educating potential applicants on the role and the organization, before they apply," said Dr Preuss. "This helps employers to find the right people and it stops browsing candidates from applying for jobs that aren't suitable for them. Mobile assessment, via smartphones and tablets, allows candidates to complete their assessments whenever they want. However, employers need to ensure that their tests can be taken on mobile devices without compromising the user experience and fairness."

The study also reveals that organizations are becoming savvier in the way they utilize assessment data. "There's now a greater demand for accessible and interpretable analytics which can give fresh insights about all aspects of an organization's talent strategy," said Dr Preuss

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