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When HR plays referee – how good are you?

HR news - 2nd June 2016 , UK

HR is often called to resolve disputes between line managers and staff, so ahead of the forthcoming UEFA European Championship, assessment company cut-e has created a free ‘gamified assessment’ for HR. Called the GoalMind challenge, it tests decision making and provides an example of how gamified assessments can be used in recruitment.

In the one-minute game, you have to decide if the ball crossed the goal-line. At the end, you receive feedback on your performance and how you compare against other football fans in different countries. The high scores are listed for individuals and the ‘team scores’ are amalgamated to show which country’s team is ‘leading’ the tournament.

“Our assessment test designers have created a fun, competitive game which puts you in the role of a referee and shows you different scenarios in which you have to make quick and accurate decisions,” said Dr Achim Preuss, Managing Director of cut-e.

“This is a little like a realistic job preview for referees! The faster you decide and the fewer mistakes you make, the higher your score will be. If you score well, you’ll lift your country up the rankings and you’ll also be qualified to yell at your TV if any controversial refereeing decisions are made at the Euro 2016 tournament.”

The GoalMind challenge is available in multiple languages. You can repeat the game as often as you like, to train your brain, boost your reaction speed and improve the overall score for your country team.

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