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Kehitimme tilannekohtaisen käyttäytymisen kyselylomakkeen yhdessä cut-e:n ja hyvin menestyneiden matkustamohenkilökuntamme jäsenten kanssa. Nyt se tarjoaa meille loistavan työkalun easyJet matkustamohenkilökunnan menestyksen arviointiin.Ruth Spalding, resursointijohtaja, easyJet

"We are delighted to partner with cut-e, who consistently provide objective and mobile-first solutions for assessment of our Pilots. Their design and delivery of custom Paperless Assessment Centres and online assessments have provided us with a seamless experience for our candidates and assessors. We are always pleased to participate in cut-e's annual Aviation Summit and look forward to a continued partnership. cut-e really are the experts in assessment for the aviation sector. We have integrated cut-e's paperless assessment centre into our selection process for both pilots and cabin crew. The simplicity of the scoring and validity of results allows us to select the very best talent in a seamless and impactful way."Christopher Murphy – Recruitment Manager, Pilots

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Large scale online assesment projects and design and operation of final assessment centre process and design of all assessment centre exercises and situational judgment tools. Target groups: Cabin Crew / Cabin Managers / Experienced Pilots. We are also proud to partner with easyJet on assessments for head office recruitment.

Using a cut-e verbal assessment and situational judgement questionnaire easyJet reduced their number of interviews by 40% across the EU to hire 2,500 new cabin crew members per annum. Saving 6,000 interviewing hours and hugely reducing logistical costs.

RJP easyJet by cut-e (an Aon company): Try before you fly

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How to optimise the talent strategy for cabin crew, pilots and graduates

David Barrett, COO cut-e, speaks about how to maximise ROI and presents the optimised talent strategy for cabin crew, pilots and graduates at easyJet.

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