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"What cut-e really brought to the table for us was a way to enable a more data driven mindset that would allow for us to more accurately and efficiently target the right people."

Jason Kemp, Talent Agent

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Fairly identifying the best applicants to  deliver the business strategy at Outcome Health

Integrate with ATS system and measure specific success criteria to identify best-fit candidates early on

Integration of shapes and views into client’s applicant tracking system to enable assessment of candidates for its member solutions executive roles to be made in the early stages of recruitment. The role success profile was created through job analysis and the assessment tools used matched to this so that the competencies and values needed by successful applicants are measured. Full client branding included throughout the assessment.

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Optimising the recruiting pipeline

Outcome Health uses cut-e assessments to accurately and efficiently target the right people for the company. Results of a benchmark study show how efficiently cut‑e tests support their recruitment process: More than 89% of 100 people hired were accurately predicted by using cut-e tools.

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